Windows Mobility Center Utility to Turn On Wireless in Laptops

Here is a trick that will enable you to turn on Wi-Fi in your laptop even if you don’t have utilities installed in it. The driver utilities that comes with your laptop provides you to turn on or turn off Wi-Fi using some shortcuts, or some combinations (In my case it is Fn + F8).

The Windows Mobility Center is a feature in windows 7 & windows vista which presents a series of square tiles that each contain one piece of information about a component of the system, as well as action items related to that component.



The things that you can configure using Windows Mobility Center are:

  • Brightness adjustment
  • Sound adjustment / mute
  • Battery level / power scheme selection
  • Wireless network status
  • Screen orientation (portrait or landscape)
  • External displays
  • Synchronization to other machines
  • Presentation settings
How to Access Windows Mobility Center:

To open the windows Mobility Center then, press Windows key + X as shown in the image below.