HP Pavilion PC Windows XP Restore Process

HP Pavilions with Windows XP do not have recovery CDs, they use a hidden partition on the hard drive to store the information instead.

Perform a recovery in Windows XP use one of the following two processes:

  • Backup you data to external media (CD, DVDs, USB Flash drives, or external hard drives) because this will set back to manufacture defaults settings.
  • Turn on the computer.
  • When the initial blue HP screen appears Press the “F10” key.
  • A Recovery menu will appear.
  • Click on “NEXT”
  • and then click on “YES”
  • Your system will now go through the product recovery
    If you want to do while the PC is running you try the following :

  • From the Desktop, click “START”.
  • Then “HP TOOLS”
  • Then Click on “HP PC SYSTEM RECOVERY”
  • You will now be asked “Do you really want to start HP PC System Recovery?”
  • Click on “YES” to continue.
  • Your system will now go through the product recove