HP Photosmart C7180 Ink System Failure Error 0xc18a0201

if after installing new ink cartridges that came with HP C7180 All in One an ink system failure error 0xc18a0201 occurred.  Can’t find reference to this error code any where.  What is it and how do I correct it? Here are some steps that worked for me:

image Press and hold the “left arrow” key.

Press the “Setup” key and release both keys.

Display should say “Enter Special Key Combo”

Press and release the “OK” button

1. Press and release the right arrow button until the display says “System Configuration Menu”.

2. Press and release the “OK” button.

3. Display should say “Hardware failure status”. If not there already, Arrow Key over to “Hardware failure status”,

4. Press and release the “OK” button.

5. Display should say “Hardware failure status: Clear. Press OK to clear”.

6. Press and release the “OK” Button. Message changes to “Hardware failure status Cleared. Press Cancel to continue”.

7. Press and release the “CANCEL” button as many times as necessary, so that, either the “Welcome to Photosmart Express” screen appears, or, the “Ink System Failure” screen appears. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO PRINT AT THIS STAGE.

8. Using the Power Button, turn the unit OFF and unplug the power cable from back of the printer and wall outlet.

9. Wait 30 seconds for the power to get discharged and then plug the power cable into the wall outlet first and then into the back of the printer

10. Turn the unit on. The printer may display message “USE POWER BUTTON TO SHUTDOWN THE PRINTER” followed by “PRESS OK TO CONTINUE”. Press OK.

11. If the printer has already initialized, then go to the next step. If not, the printer will start the “ONE TIME INK INITIALIZATION PROCESS”. Allow this process to complete and do not interrupt. Once the initialization process is complete, the printer will print out a Diagnostic Page.

12. To verify printer functionality print a SELF TEST PAGE. If SELF TEST prints, then printer is ready for use.

NOTE: If the error is still there, or reoccurs replace the unit.

In my case I also took the power supply out and put it back and it started to work. The power supply in the left side and it is hold by  single screw. Good luck!