How to Opt Out of Apple iAd Targeted Advertising

image I show iPad 2 users how to opt out of Apple’s iAd targeted advertising and help protect your privacy

Apple’s iAd platform has the potential to make mobile advertisements infinitely more engaging to users. It also has the potential to make advertisers boatloads of cash.

While many of the features touted by iAd are quite impressive, users concerned with privacy may prefer to opt out of Apple’s targeted advertisements.

Targeted ads uses unique data such as location to serve more relevant advertisements. While this might be attractive to some, others may wish to prevent having their locations shared in the name of advertising.

Luckily, Apple makes it very easy to opt out of targeted advertising.

Simply point your iPad 2 browser to

That’s it!

You’ll now see an on-screen confirmation that you’ve opted-out, and a few nice bullet points about the benefits of targeted ads. Feel free to close your browser window to skip Apple’s pleas.