Microsoft Outlook Shortcut Keys List

Command Keystroke
Advanced Find Ctrl-Shift-F
Bold (Contacts notes section) Ctrl-B
Bold (RichText or HTML mail) Ctrl-B
Check for new mail F9 (Outlook 2003)
Check for new mail F5 (Outlook 2000,2002)
Close a window Alt-F4
Close a window Esc
Copy Ctrl-C
Create Appointment Ctrl-Shift-A
Create Contact Ctrl-Shift-C
Create Flag for follow-up Ctrl-Shift-G
Create Folder Ctrl-Shift-E
Create Meeting Request Ctrl-Shift-Q
Create Message Ctrl-Shift-M
Create Note Ctrl-Shift-N
Create Task Ctrl-Shift-K
Create Task Request Ctrl-Shift-U
Cut Ctrl-X
Delete opened item Ctrl-D
Folder List – Collapse selected folder – (Numeric keypad)
Folder List – Expand selected folder * (Numeric keypad)
Folder List – Open Ctrl-Y
Forward selected mail Ctrl-F
Go to Calendar Ctrl-2
Go to Contacts Ctrl-2
Go to Mail Ctrl-1
Italics (Contacts notes section) Ctrl-I
Italics (RichText or HTML mail) Ctrl-I
Mark item as read Ctrl-Q
Mark item as unread Ctrl-U
Move down one screen PgDn
Move to first item Home
Move to last item End
Move up one screen PgUp
Create new default item Ctrl-N
Open “Find a Contact” F11
Open “Look In” Alt-I
Open selected item Ctrl-O
Open selected item Enter
Paste Ctrl-V
Print Ctrl-P
Read next email Ctrl->
Read previous email Ctrl-<
Redo (within text field) Ctrl-Y
Remove last semi-colon from mail addressee Alt-K
Reply to selected message Ctrl-R
Save Ctrl-S
Select all items Ctrl-A
Select to first item Ctrl-Shift-Home
Select to last item Ctrl-Shift-End
Send email message Ctrl-Enter
Spell check open item F7
Switch to Inbox Ctrl-Shift-I
Switch to Outbox Ctrl-Shift-O
Underline (Contacts notes section) Ctrl-U
Underline (RichText or HTML mail) Ctrl-U
Undo Ctrl-Z