How to Move Emails in Gmail to Folders by Filters

Gmail Folders and Filters

To make Gmail move certain email to particular “folders”, bypassing your Inbox you have to do the following:

  1. Login into Gmail
  2. Under left column under your Inbox you will find a link to labels. Click Create a new label, which similar to creating a folder.
  3. Go to upper right corner and click in Settings
  4. Then you will click on Filters
  5. Click Create a new filter
  6. In this step you can either use an specific email address or subject or if it has a word (E.g.: In subject I type the word Affiliate and I want that to move to a folder called Affiliate Programs)
  7. In this final step select Skip the inbox and Apple the label: <you created in step 2> (from the drop down list).
  8. Finally click Create Filter

There is also an option to apply to all existing email. You can check that check box and it will run against all your existing email in your inbox.