How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows (XP, 7, Vista) Automatically



Temporary files in Windows (XP, 7, Vista) are like dust behind that TV in your house. The more time you put it off the thicker the dust becomes. Sometimes to clean up it takes a little effort to do it because the hard places to reach.  Temporary files in Windows are just like that, plus perhaps you don’t know where to start or sometimes not even how to do it.

I have a solution for that. I wrote a small batch file that cleans all temporary files from your computer in no time. There are three of them, select the one that most fits your needs.

  1. This is called DeleteAllTempFiles.bat (DeleteAllTempFiles)
    1. Like the name say, it deletes ALL temporary files from windows including the browser temporary files PLUS the browser profiles settings. This is the All-In-One cleaner of temporary files.  So, if you have your favorites in Internet Explorer of Firefox say goodbye to those ones because you will not see them back, you have to re-create them again.
  2. The second one is called DeleteWithoutBrowserProfiles
    1. This is little mild because it does not delete the profiles settings from your browser but it still deletes ALL temporary files from Windows.
  3. The last one is called DeleteWithWindowsDiskCleanup
    1. This one has no flavor of one and two but it worth running a least one a month. This deletion process is done via Windows Clean Up utility. The way Windows would like you to do it.

If you have not done a cleanup of your temporary files in Windows for a while or never this will take a while, so don’t panic.  Remember, it is just dust, few weeks from now it will be dusty again.