List of Windows 8 Shortcuts

Windows key: Switch between Modern Desktop Start screen and the last accessed application Windows key + C: Access the charms bar Windows key + Tab: Access the Modern Desktop Taskbar Windows key + I: Access the Settings charm Windows key + H: Access the Share charm Windows key + K: Access the Devices charm Windows key + Q: Access the Apps Search screen Windows key + F: Access the Files Search screen Windows key + W: Access the Settings…

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Quick Windows 8 Activation Instructions

Once you have installed Windows 8, you must follow these activation instructions to properly complete your installation of Windows 8. NOTE: You will need the license key given to you when you downloaded Windows 8 from the software page. Move your mouse to the top right corner and click Search. Type cmd in the Search Box then click on Command Prompt (this appears on the left side, under Apps). Type slui 3 (note there is a space between slui…

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