How to Turn On Fast User Switching for Windows XP

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When multiple users share a computer, logging off and logging on to the computer in order to switch users can become tiresome. Fast User Switching (Windows Key + q), a feature of Windows XP Home/Professional, makes it possible for you to quickly switch between users without actually logging off from the computer.

In my case I have a Virtual Machine running under VMware Software and for testing various software or programs scenarios I have to constantly change Windows accounts (login in Windows with different user) and this feature is very useful.


User Account WinXP

User Account WinXP

Image2: (Press the Windows Key + q)

WinXP User Switching

WinXP User Switching

Here is how to turn on:

1.     On the Start menu –> Select Control Panel

2.     In Control Panel:

• Be sure you are in Classic View (all Control Panel icons are showing).

• If not, under Control Panel in the left pane, select Switch to Classic View.

• Select User Accounts.

3.     In the User Accounts dialog box:

• Select Change the way users log on or off.

4.     In the Select logon and logoff options dialog box, choose one of the following to specify that a user’s programs remain running when another user logs on to the computer:

• Select the Fast User Switching check box.

NOTE: If you select this option, programs do not shut down when another user logs on to the computer.

To specify that programs shut down when users log off the computer:

• Clear the Use Fast User Switching check box.

NOTE: Programs automatically shut down when users log off the computer, and the computer will run faster for the next user who logs on.

• Select OK.

5.     To close Control Panel:

• Select the Close button.