How to Test the Speed of Your Internet Connection

You might have noticed that although your Internet Service Provider (ISP) promised lighting fast connection speeds, websites and downloads are not quite as fast as you would like them to be.  There are number of ways you can check your connection to see what speeds you are actually getting.  You could download a file yourself and compare the speed by comparing the file size and how long it took to download.  There is an easy way by using such a website like which tests your speed for you.

1.       Go to … it is one free and you can use from anywhere in the world.

2.       Choose a server to test anywhere in world and begin the test.

3.       View your results in real time.

It may look strange that your upload speed is a lot slower that your download speed, but don’t worry — that is normal. The speed is measured in megabits per second. Your upload speed determines how quickly you can share files on the internet.  Uploading photos or videos to a website and sending files through email are determined by your upload speed. Usually you will download more than you upload, which is why your ISP gives you a lower upload speed. have a lot other tools that you can use to analyze the data in detail it will even give a link to find a better broadband plan.  Have fun!