List of Common Windows Shortcut Keys

Here are all my favorite Windows shortcuts.


Windows Key

Windows Key

The Windows key has this picture on it:

It’s located between your CTL & ALT keys.

Here are some common windows keyboard shortcuts (you’ll need a “windows” keyboard to try these)

Hold down the “windows” key and press:

M – Minimizes all windows

SHIFT – M – Undo minimize all windows

E – Opens Windows Explorer

D – Switches between minimizing all open programs and showing them all.

F – Opens the Find Window

R – Opens the Run Window

BREAK / PAUSE– Opens System Properties

TAB – Cycles through items on the task bar

Or just press the Windows key to open the Start menu.

General Shortcuts

ALT- F4 – Quit a program / Shut down

ALT-TAB – Hold down the ALT key and hit tab to cycle through open windows.

CTL-ESCAPE – Display the Start menu

SHIFT – TAB – tab backwards through a form

CTRL – X – Cut

CTRL – C – Copy

CTRL – V – Paste

F1 – Help menu

CTRL – Z – Undo

SHIFT & Restart – To restart just windows and not your whole computer, hold down the shift key when you click the OK button on the shutdown screen. Saves lots of time.

CRTL-TAB – Navigate tabs on a tabbed screen

File & Desktop Shortcuts

Hold SHIFT while inserting a CD – Prevents the CD from “autorunning”

If an item is selected:

CTRL while dragging a file – Copies the file

CTRL – SHIFT while dragging a file – Creates a shortcut to the file

SHIFT – DELETE – Deletes an item without sending it to the recycle bin.

ALT-ENTER – Display a file’s properties.

F2 – To rename the file

In Windows Explorer:

LEFT ARROW – Collapse the current selection if it is expanded

NUM LOCK-MINUS SIGN (-) – Collapse the selected folder

RIGHT ARROW – Expand the current selection if it is collapsed -Or- Select the first subfolder

NUM LOCK- * Expand all folders below the current selection

NUM LOCK- PLUS SIGN (+) – Expand the selected folder

F6 – Switch between left and right panes

In My Computer:

BACKSPACE – View the folder one level up

ALT- RIGHT ARROW – Move forward to a previous view

ALT- LEFT ARROW -Move backward to a previous view